It all started in 2002 at the Hotel de la Cité in Carcassonne (1 Michelin star) alongside chef Franck Putelat “Bocuse d’Argent 2003”, « MOF 2019 » , chef and owner of the Park in Carcassonne. Rigorous and intensive learning!

“Great experience for me at the time, the passion for the job and the trigger for gastronomy started from there”.

He makes his apprenticeship at the CFA of Carcassonne, passionate and invested the chef is named best apprentice of his section in first and second year of CAP, best apprentice Languedoc-Roussillon Midi-Pyrenees he will go up to the semifinal in Paris at the Ferrandi school for the contest of the best apprentice cook of France.

Daniel Minet continues his way with Patrick Henriroux, chef and owner of the restaurant La Pyramide in Vienna (two Michelin stars Relais and Châteaux), to return to the region at the Domaine D’Auriac (1 Michelin star, Relais et Châteaux) alongside the chef Philippe Ducos.

“I go then to make a season at Gérald Garcia’s Pomarède (1 Michelin star) where I will be chef of the meat party at the age of 20.”

In 2006 the chef returns to Domaine D’Auriac as sous chef pastry chef with Jérome Levant.

And it is in October 2006 that Daniel Minet creates the Ambrosia in Pezens, he carries out three months of works to open in January 2007.

The climb is dazzling, two years after the creation the chef is named Michelin star hope

“A very big surprise for me, one of the most beautiful days of my life”.

In 2010, it is the consecration, the star falls and Daniel Minet becomes the youngest chef in Michelin-starred France at age 24.

10 years after the inauguration of Ambrosia, the chief gives up his business to Valérie and Sébastien Aliprandi.

“I am a creator, I wanted to change, a new story. “

In 2017, the chef goes to work at the Pillon house in Toulouse, a fine pastry and essential of the pink city.

“I work in collaboration with Marc Della Siega and Sébastien Pecolt, two exceptional men with a relationship, a rigor and an organization like I had rarely seen”

In 2018 the chef decided to carry out his project which had been important to him for a few years, Chef hat home!

“Want to be even closer to you, to share with you my passion in a more direct way, the desire to do everything possible to make you spend exceptional and unforgettable culinary moments at your home”.

The chef’s cuisine is a heartfelt, frank, creative and tasty cuisine made from seasonal produce, always in search of culinary emotion.

“I like to surprise people, make them discover new flavors, associations and products. My cooking is very focused on taste, cooking and quality of raw materials.”

“I attach a lot of importance to sauces and juices, I like revisited classics but always respecting the product and trying to sublimate it and get to the point.”

“My only desire will be to make you have a wonderful time. “

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