Live a special moment with the chef in a relaxed and warm atmosphere

Initiation cooking and pastry at home

from 2 people

A unique and friendly experience awaits you with chef Daniel Minet. He will share his passion, discover you techniques and tricks, all in a relaxed and warm atmosphere. A real evolution in your approach to cooking and baking that will delight you and your guests. Lessons and techniques change with the seasons.
The ingredients of the pastry lesson are included in the price, with regard to the cooking lesson, a extra for raw materials will be established.
You will have the pleasure to taste with your loved ones the fruit of what you will have realized during the lessons.
The duration of the courses is 3H30 , Schedules will be defined with you according to your availability.
A tailor-made lesson is possible, explain to the Chef the preparations or products you want to master, he will adapt the course to your request.


Cooking class


Product selection

Cutting, cooking vegetables

garnish of the moment

Fish, cooking, sauce

Meat, cooking, juice

Dressing a plate


2 people : 95€/person

3 peoples : 85€/person

4 peoples : 75€/person

5 and more on request

(Excluding raw materials)

Pastry course


Seasonal Entremet (4 elements)

for the 4h break…



2 people : 110€/person

3 peoples : 100€/person

4 peoples : 90€/person

5 and more on request

(including raw products)

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